What To Expect from your acupuncture treatment

Many people have not yet had their first acupuncture experience.

For the uninitiated, there's nothing to be

nervous about. It's understandable,

however, to have a variety of feelings

about the idea of someone - even a

highly trained professional - inserting

fine needles in your body to feel better.

Think about this, though. By the time you sit down in the waiting room, you must have heard something positive about acupuncture. That's good. Over a period of time - a week, a month, a day, perhaps even an hour - it's more than likely going to make you feel better.

The rooms are set up to be calming, with soft music and lighting for deep, healing rest. We leave the undergarments on, and very often the entire outfit stays put. We might loosen a belt or a button to treat the lower back or, for example, the chest. It might be necessary to roll up your pants leg or sleeve. Occasionally the patient is asked to get into a gown for, let's say, a sciatica treatment.

                                                  As for the mystery needles, they are

                                                  extremely thin and flexible, just sharp                                                   enough to enter through the skin.                                                         They come in various sizes based on                                                     the part of the body being treated                                                         and the patients individual                                                                      sensitivities. By Florida State law, each needle can only be used once before going into a storage box for disposal later on.

You might feel a sensation. The more relaxed one is the better, because in that state the nerve endings are less prone to be on high alert. Common sensations are heaviness and tingling.  You'll be asked if you're comfortable and if any of the needles hurt. There may be a heat lamp on your feet for warmth. 

Assuming everything's OK, it's time

for the healing to begin. Most people

are able to rest because of acupuncture

has stimulated the release of natural

endorphins and opiods. Many fall

asleep. Another 20-25 minutes later,

your session is over. The first visit,

which involves an intake and diagnosis, might take 75 minutes. Follow up sessions last an hour or less.

Most importantly, your healing has begun!