The Gabriel Center

Josh Zimmer, Ap/DOM

The Gabriel Center, my new home, is the brainchild of Jim and Becky Gabriel. Founded seven years ago, it's a full-service natural health and wellness center anchored by their two very special skills:  Jim is a massage therapist of vast experience and Becky's warm, embracing management skills allows everything to flow from music and seating to retail inventory. They are supported by a dynamic  range of other holistic providers.‚Äč

In addition to Acupuncture, you'll currently find live nutritional blood analysis, eye readings, various massage therapists, a neuroplasticity practitioner and Ayurveda.

One highlight at The Gabriel Center is the liberal allotment of BioMats, which are special healing surfaces filled with energizing amethyst crystals that emit far infrared frequencies and negative ions like those found in nature. Every person who visits is entitled to a FREE hour on one of the mats. Having been on one of these many times myself, you don't know what you're missing until laying down for a deeply relaxing experience.